• Create new content, such as logos and illustrations.
  • Sketch a product, create 3D plans and detail drawings, or translate sketches into written instructions.
  • Re-format, sharpen, update, or modify existing graphics.
  • Design publications, and flow text and graphics into publications.
  • Convert print and digital content for display in other formats.
  • Create a suite of graphics and business materials unique to your brand identity.
  • Maintain existing websites or publications.
  • Manage products or projects.

Blueprints, books, or whatever your business, I can help you get it done.

These cards are part of an ongoing project for a role-playing game. The initial set of 100 cards is currently in playtest.

Product Development

The text was written and edited in an Excel spreadsheet.

Rough for Testing

I developed a simple index-card-sized layout and poured the text into QuarkXPress. These were printed in black and white on color-coded cardstock.

Card Design

I designed a poker-card-sized template in Photoshop, with a single banner shape in varying colors.

Card Layout

I re-created the template in InDesign, adding unique banners and top dividers for each card type, while simplifying the paragraph rules and fonts. These were printed in full color for playtest phase two.


I refined elements of the design, giving the banners and skulls more of a tapestry look.